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Nikki Hermanson, Paralegal

Nikki Hermanson, Paralegal

Helping You Feel Comfortable and At Ease

Hi! I’m Nikki Hermanson, Paralegal, Gilk Legacy Law PLLC.

As Paralegal, I assist Jennifer and clients with probate and trust administrations when a client or their family member dies.  I help manage the entire process from opening to closing:  distributing necessary information to heirs, collecting and managing all date of death valuation information and processes, assisting with estate tax return preparation and final inventories and accounts, and working with the estate’s CPA.

I help make sure the administration process stays on track and keeps moving toward completion.  I am proud that the vast majority of our estate administrations are completed within nine to 12 months of starting them.  My personal main objective is to help clients feel comfortable and at ease knowing that the probate or trust administration will be handled in a professional, timely matter.

I grew up on a farm in Redwood Falls and moved away to pursue my Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies. After working in a Burnsville, Minnesota law firm for 3 years, my husband Will and I decided to move back to Redwood Falls. He works as at a local construction company and is a Lieutenant in the Army National Guard. We are raising our three young children here who love seeing tractors, plants, and especially cows on their way to daycare.

As a family, we enjoy crafting, going on “adventures”, and watching Ellen.

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