We’ve Made It Easier to Start Working Together

Thinking about working with Jennifer Gilk? To help make it easier for you to work with Gilk Legacy Law PLLC, we’ve provided some forms that will assist you in organizing and transferring information and records to us.

  • Sending your old files to Gilk Legacy Law PLLC will help avoid the time and expense of repetitive research, copying records and going through old records in order to prepare to do the work at hand.
  • Your files belong to you, not your attorney or the law firm. Clients have the right to take their files with them, but they must affirmatively choose the new firm by printing off, completing and signing a file transfer form.
  • Once you've completed the form, send it to Gilk Legacy Law PLLC either through regular mail or call us for a secure email email link.

Remember, if you do nothing to transfer your old files, they will stay where they are (with your previous lawyer and law firm).

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