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Jennifer L.J. Gilk, Owner

Gilk Legacy Law:
A Down to Earth Approach to Estate and Property Planning

Jennifer L.J. Gilk

Hello. I’m Jennifer L.J. Gilk and I’m the founder of Gilk Legacy Law PLLC.

As a native Minnesotan, I grew up on a century dairy farm in the Lincoln County community of Tyler. I was raised to walk bean fields, throw hay bales, butcher chickens, as well as feed and milk the cows. I watched my parents manage our farm, especially through the Farm Crisis of the ‘80s. When it was time to go to college, I pursued an education to follow my dream of staying in agriculture and protecting our way of life.

Following my graduation with honors from Drake University Law School, Des Moines, IA, my husband Tim and I moved back to Minnesota where I have been practicing law, primarily for farmers, since 1993. We live in Redwood Falls and have three children.

For more than two decades I have practiced law, primarily assisting farmers and business owners navigate the complex process of succession planning. I get the business and financial side of farming. Together we can help you address the challenges and opportunities related to income and estate tax laws, cash flow and debt management, protection of USDA programs and payments when using entities, and tile easements and agreements. I understand the average lifespan of a hog barn and when it starts to nickel and dime you to death with repair costs, along with all the other details that make up the daily business rhythms of farming.

It’s important I provide clients with different options to accomplish their goals, and we work through the pros and cons of each possible solution. I never present just one way to do something.

I strive mightily to keep abreast of all the law changes in my practice areas and belong to a number of professional legal groups in Minnesota that stay on top of the latest laws, opportunities and challenges that face my clients in farm estate matters.

I formed Gilk Legacy Law PLLC to serve Southwest Minnesota, especially those facing the imminent transition from a lifetime of running a farm or business, and the legal, financial and real estate challenges you face looking ahead to retirement.

To handle these complex issues, I am able to draw from an extended networked team of financial and real estate professionals who, if necessary, are able to provide perspective as I develop the right plan for each family. I am also happy to work with your own long-time advisors and professional team.

Please contact my legal assistant, Jenni Schmidt, or me and we’ll get started on a plan to protect your legacy.

Jennifer L.J. Gilk, owner

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