Jessica Anderson, Legal Assistant

Start with a Friendly Face

Hello. I’m Jessie Anderson, Legal Assistant at Gilk Legacy Law PLLC.

I am the first face you’ll see when visiting our office. I will set up your appointments and get you prepared to meet with Jennifer Gilk. I make sure our team has everything we need to keep your goals on track. My other focus is real estate transactions and entity formation. I strive to ensure accuracy of your legal descriptions and titling. And if you are forming an entity (LLC, Corporation or Family Limited Partnership), I will assist you every step of the way – from information gathering to tracking annual business meetings. My goal is to give you peace of mind, knowing every detail is in place. I love helping clients throughout the planning process and seeing their relief and gratitude when they finalize their estate and business plans.

I grew up in rural Redwood Falls as the youngest of six children in a family construction business. I enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors hunting, fishing and hiking through Redwood Falls’ beautiful Ramsey Park. I am an avid Vikings fan and enjoy cooking and baking for my fellow fans, friends and family. I am married to a Lineman / Firefighter / US Navy Vet. We enjoy hunting, fishing, motorcycle rides, grilling, sports and spending time with family. We have one child in college, one recently graduated, and three in high school.

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